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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

June - August 2019 Newsletter

3rd Quarter Newsletter                                                                             Edition-2019

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:

Cash: As of 8/1/19 our total cash and cash equivalents are $1,617,027 of which $144,932 is Operating, and $1,474,095 is in Wells Fargo Money Markets. Reminder: $515k of reserves has been set aside for future dredging.

Accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees are:

$  75.8K     0-60 day category

$  17.4K     60-90 day category

$  41.9K    greater than 90 days and in collection status (liens and Small Claims Court actions in process)

If you are one of the above individuals, you need to address your financial responsibilities immediately!

Jetdocks: The Board has approved installation of floating jetdocks. In order to be allowed a jetdock, the slip must be re-permitted. The deadline to apply is September 1st. Individual slip owners are unable to re-permit their slips. The Marina must re-permit as a whole, and it will be at least three years until the Marina will re-permit. The total cost regardless of slips is $3,200 paid for by slip owners wishing to permit for a jetdock. The cost per slip owner will decrease the more owners are involved. So far, only eight owners have expressed interest.  Anyone interested, please contact the Board for details.

Parking Lights: A new flood light has been installed in the lot closest to the Hilton hotel.  

Ladders: Ten emergency ladders were installed around the marina in the following locations; Finger pier ends of D-7/9, D-27/29, E-15/17, F-19/21, G-11/13, H-11/13 and I-15/17, The ends of A, B, and T-dock. Please take time to locate your nearest emergency ladder. Please remember there is NO swimming around the marina. Theses ladders are for emergency purposes only.

Insurance: The Board has voted to increased minimum vessel insurance liability requirements from $300k to $500k.  This change will be effective January 1, 2020.  All policies must have coverage for pollution and salvage.

Bike Racks: Two new bike racks have been installed at the foot of the wooden walkway leading to the docks. Please be advised, bikes left unattended are periodically removed.


Any questions or issues can be directed to our marina staff at 843-722-1996, or