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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

June - December 2015 Newsletter

June-December 2015 Newsletter                                                      Second Edition                                           

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:


This newsletter has been posted to and we ask that you review it on-line since we have links to our 2016 HPR Budget, our 2016 regime fee amounts and schedule, our 2016/2017dredging assessment and payment schedule, and our very detailed 2015 Annual Meeting power point slides.

Our Annual HPR Meeting was held December 3, 2015.  While we had good, active participation, we did not have a quorum, therefore:

Action #1:  Mail or fax the attached ballot in by 1/15/2016

As of 12-1-2015, our current cash and cash equivalents are $616,000 of which $30,000 is Operating, and $586,000 is in Wells Fargo Money Markets.

Accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees are:

$ 2,423     0-30 day category

$ 21,576   30-60 day category

$ 2,435    60-90 day category

$ 40,132   greater than 90 days and in collection status (liens and Small Claims Court actions in process)

If you are one of the above individuals, you need to address your financial responsibilities immediately!

2016 Regime Fees increase: While we have not had a regime fee increase since 2007, your Board has approved our 2016 budget with a 7% increase in our regime fees.  We have attached your 2016 payment coupon that reflects the correct quarterly amount due on 1/1/16.  Additionally, a full 2016 regime fee schedule is available online.

Action #2: Please ensure you make the appropriate 2016 regime payments effective January 1, 2016.

2016 Dredging Special Assessment: At our 2014 Annual HPR Meeting, the two preceding newsletters in 2015, and our 2015 Annual HPR Meeting, we have kept all slip owners apprised of our dredging initiative, and have provided an estimate of everyones’ upcoming Dredging Special Assessment that will be due in two equal payments: 1/1/16 and 1/1/17. Additionally, in order to save our HPR $25K, it is our plan to close the majority of our parking lot in early 2017 in order to utilize it as our lay-down area for our dredge de-watering process.

Action #3: Please ensure your 1/1/2016 and 1/1/2017 dredge assessment payments are sent in timely.  Over 60-day late fees will apply on all unpaid Dredging Special Assessment balances.

Marina infrastructure, marina visual appeal, and the associated costs : Based on daily and repetitive  feedback from our slip owners and tenants, transients, and potential slip buyers/investors  regarding our marina’s overall visual/aesthetic  decline, lack of adequate parking, restroom cleanliness, vessel appearance,  garbage increase, and electrical outages due to numerous pedestal electrical fires, your Board along with the help of marina staff undertook each one of these specific issues in order to find the root cause(s).

Two very clear and distinct causes of all the above issues are directly related to:

  1. Non-enforcement of Marina Rule and Regulation # 4: VESSEL CONDITION: “All vessels must be maintained in working order and in good operational condition. Vessels shall be kept clean and slightly. The Association manager shall have the right to have any un-kept, unsightly vessels repaired and/or cleaned (including corrosion), at the slip owners expense.”

Therefore, effective 1/1/2016, your Board has directed marina staff to begin notifying slip owners of all unclean and unsightly vessels.  We will start with the worst vessels. Failure to comply will result in monthly non-compliance fees to the slip owner, as well as the vessel cleaning cost, and a revocation of any parking pass for that boat slip. 

  1. Heavily overburdened marina infrastructure: The Harborage at Ashley Marina was initially built and permitted with 232 boat slips, 75 parking spaces, 2 small bathrooms, and 5 live-aboards in residence.

Our 75 parking spaces were meant to service our 232 boat slips, as were our 2 small restrooms with minimal showers, toilets and sinks. Vessel electrical systems are routinely overpowering many of our 30amp pedestal circuits due to increased draw of multiple appliances, ie multiple 110 volt AC’s/heaters, televisions, and lights. While we have steadily increased our recycle bins, our trash volume continues to grow, with our dumpster needing to be emptied 3 times per week in order to not overflow.

Our marina infrastructure is currently heavily over-burdened and is now affecting ALL slip owners.Tthese addition costs are being evenly distributed among ALL our regime slip owners, and our current live-aboard population of 58 vessels continues to grow.  While your Board and marina staff fully support our live-aboard program, it is now time to rein it in and scale it back.

Therefore, effective 1/1/2016, there will be a moratorium on any NEW live-aboards.  Our Standard Lease has been modified to reflect no NEW live-aboards effective 1/1/16, our Marina Rules and Regulations have been updated, as well as our OCRM Operations  Manual.  For all details, please refer to our 2015 Annual Meeting Power Point slides.

Action #4: If you currently rent/lease your slip, no NEW live-aboards will be allowed effective 1/1/2016.  Failure to comply will result in a $275.00 monthly non-compliance fee. If you currently have a live-aboard in your slip, effective 1/1/16 you must declare that live-aboard to Marina staff by 1/15/2016 by using the Live-Aboard Declaration Form on our website. Failure to comply will result in a $275.00 monthly non-compliance fee and revocation of any parking pass.

Your Board along with marina staff will continue to monitor the over-all health, infrastructure and visual appeal of our marina to ensure we are providing maximum investment return to both our recreational and investor slip owners.

Any questions or issues can be directed to our marina staff at 843-722-1996, or

*Live-Aboard Declaration Form*