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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

January - March 2016 Newsletter

January-March 2016 Newsletter

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:

2016 Board Members:

Our current 2016 Board members are Rick Cone, Bret Johnson and Kevin O'Donnell.  Kevin was appointed by your Board in January to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Andy Beard effective December 31, 2015.  We'd like to thank Andy for his contributions, most notably leading our cost effective migration from Comcast to Direct TV in November 2015.


We still need to fill the expired terms of Board members Brian Swan and Stuart Reeves.   Two elections were held (at membership meeting in December 2015 and again in January 2016), but unfortunately a quorum was not obtained during either election.  Therefore, another election will kick off in May so please be on the lookout for your ballot and please submit your vote.



As of 3-31-16, our cash and cash equivalents are $926,776.00.  This is a substantial jump in our cash due to the collection of our January 2016 special dredging assessment.

Our accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees and our January 2016 special dredging assessment are:

$ 75,359      0-30-day category

$ 0                31-60-day category

$ 0                  61-90-day category

$ 95,412      greater than 90 days category, and in collection or preliminary collection action.

This jump in the greater-than-90-day category reflects those slip owners who have yet to pay their January 2016 special dredging assessment.

Reminder:  IAW our Master Deed, all legal costs associated with collecting delinquent regime accounts are added to that slip owners’ account.

Dredging update:

To date, 81% of our January 2016 special dredging assessment has been received, and we remind our remaining unpaid slip owners to do the same ASAP, as late fees are now accruing.

All depth soundings are now complete, we have submitted our dredging permit application to the SC Army Corp of Engineers/OCRM, and we are continuing our search for a cheaper, more convenient  disposal/dump site. If you know of any possible disposal/dump sites, please contact us and we will pursue.


Marina improvements:

Bathrooms:  In February our heavily used ladies and men’s rooms received a chemical tile cleaning, new tile grout, new sink and shower fixtures, new shower door seals, a new vent fan, trim paint, and toilet seats.

Parking lot area:  In March we replaced the dilapidated dumpster gates, the concrete floors leading to the bathrooms and laundry room were sealed and repainted, the damaged lattice fence was replaced and painted, the bike rack has once again been purged of abandoned bikes, and we are currently awaiting new gravel rock for our perimeter parking spaces.

Docks:  All power pedestals were cleaned in February, all burned out pedestal lights were replaced in February (during normal 90-day inspection), and staff will begin pressure washing all docks in May. Reminder:  Please do not turn off the pedestal switch that operates the pedestal light. This is a routine problem throughout the marina. Spring cleaning of all docks has begun, so please assist staff in removing any non-authorized junk from the dock(s) surrounding your boat slip.

Vessels:  As discussed at our December 2015 Annual Meeting and reiterated in our December 2015 newsletter, the overall appearance of many vessels throughout our marina had deteriorated to the point that potential new slip buyers and new potential tenants were commenting on this, as well as current slip owners.

Effective January 1, 2016 your Board instructed our marina manager to immediately start notifying vessel owners in writing to clean their vessels and surrounding spaces.  To date, approximately 15 of our worst offending vessels have been cleaned up. 

Reminder: Marina Rule and Reg #4: VESSEL CONDITION: “All vessels must be maintained in working order and in good operational condition. Vessels shall be kept clean and slightly.  The Association manager shall have the right to have any un-kept, unsightly vessels repaired and/or cleaned, at the slip owners expense.”

Other topics:

We thank everyone that has paid their 2016 special assessments, as well providing the proper vessel insurance needed to obtain a 2016 parking sticker, and with the above various small improvements, our marina is looking much better again.