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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

January - July 2017 Newsletter

Jan-July 2017 Newsletter                                                                             Edition-2017

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:

As of 8-27-17 our current cash and cash equivalents are $1,229,232.97, of which $6,522.02 is Operating, and $1,222,710.95 is in Wells Fargo Money Markets. Reminder:  Our upcoming dredging project will cost us approx. $500K)

Accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees are:

$   43K        0-30 day category

$     1K       30-60 day category

 $    1K      60-90 day category

$    83K    greater than 90 days and in collection status (liens and Small Claims Court actions in process)

If you are one of the above individuals, you need to address your financial responsibilities immediately!

HOA Management Contract:  Your Board is currently negotiating a new marina management contract, now that the SC Supreme Court ruled in our favor.

Sewer Lift Station: Over the past several years, on numerous occasions, our sewer lift station has been flooded with salt water from the small but steady rise in flood tides, and as a result, we’ve had to bring in portable toilets while our system pump and associated electronics were repaired/replaced.  These have been ongoing recurring and expensive ugly repairs each time.  Your Board has approved a much needed overhaul of the entire system with a new and larger storage tank and a relocation of all electrical, plumbing and lift pump to higher ground that will not be affected by rising salt water.  We anticipate our overhaul to be completed by October 2017 at a cost of $35K.   

Fixed pier piling issue: The southern side of our fixed pier had substantially sunk due to a piling issue and this repair was completed the last week of August 2017

Dredging and fuel piping update: After 2 years, we have now received all necessary permitting for our dredging project, and we expect to have the Army Corps of Engineers final documentation to us in September 2017, so that our dredging can be accomplished this winter.  Additionally, we will have some dock disruptions this winter while Marine Fuels replaces their gas and diesel lines located under the HOA docks. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to these 2 projects.  ReminderOur parking lot will be closed to all vehicles for approximately 3 weeks this winter as we use it for our dredge de-watering process.  Your Board is reviewing possible alternative parking options.

Dockside fresh water is NOT to be used on vessel air conditioning systems.    Reminder to all slip owners that Marina Rule and Regulation #26 specifically prohibits use of our marina’s fresh water to be used in cooling vessel A/C’s. Your Board has required marina staff to monitor this weekly, in order to keep our water bill under control. Non-compliance fees and eviction notices will result once a slip owner has been notified.


Enforcement of Marina Rule and Regulation # 4: VESSEL CONDITION: “All vessels must be maintained in working order and in good operational condition.  Vessels shall be kept clean and slightly. The Association manager shall have the right to have any un-kept, unsightly vessels repaired and/or cleaned (including corrosion), at the slip owners expense.”


Effective 1/1/2016, your Board directed marina staff to begin notifying slip owners of all unclean and unsightly/unseaworthy vessels.  To date, we’ve made good progress in cleaning up and repairing many unsightly and unseaworthy vessels, and staff continues to monitor all vessels weekly.  However, failure to respond to our marina staff and/or comply with Rule and Reg #4 will result in monthly non-compliance fees to the slip owner, as well as the vessel cleaning cost, and a revocation of any parking pass for that boat slip. Several vessels have been recently evicted due to their failure to comply.


Standard Lease and our Rules and Regulations: All slip owners that rent/lease their slips are reminded that our standard lease requires a strict adherence to all our Rules and Regulations.  Our marina staff works with all tenants to ensure their awareness and their compliance.  However, once staff notifies the tenant and the tenant continues to non-comply with our Rules and Regulation, this then results in non-compliance fees to the slip owner, and can lead to the eviction of a tenant for continual non-compliance.  Please ensure that before any tenant signs a lease, he has read and fully understands all our Rules and Regulations.  Our standard lease and our Rules and Regulations are all posted on


The Ashley Marina and Marine Fuels has been awarded a Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG-P):

This program provides funds to States for the construction, renovation, and maintenance of public boating infrastructure tie-up facilities for transient boats 26’ or more in length. The program is designed to provide transient dockage for recreational opportunities and safe harbors, as well as to:

·         Enhance access to recreational, historic, cultural and scenic resources;

·         Strengthen community ties to the water’s edge and economic benefits;

·         Promote public/private partnerships and entrepreneurial opportunities;

·         Provide continuity of public access to the shore; and,

·         Promote awareness of transient boating opportunities.


Please stay tuned for future updates as we evaluate our plan of action.

Any questions or issues can be directed to our marina staff at 843-722-1996, or

Board of Directors