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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

Standard Ashley Marina - Owner / Agent / Tenant Lease Agreement

Below is a link to the Standard Approved form of Tenant Lease which is required to be in place for all leases at the Ashley Marina.  All new and existing leases between the Slip Owner & Tenant or Leasing Agent & Owner or Leasing Agent & Slip Owner are required to include but not limited to the provision of the Ashley Marina Board approved Standard Lease Agreement.

**Effective 1/1/16, a moratorium is placed on our live-aboard program and no NEW live-aboards will be allowed at the Harborage at Ashley Marina. All existing live-aboards will be allowed to remain effective 1/1/2016, provided all Marina Rules and regulations are being followed. 

A live-aboard is classified as: Any individual that occupies a vessel more than any 10 days during any 30 day period, and/or consistently habitats on a vessel for 3 or more calendar months. Personal circumstances may be allowed but only with marina staff approval, for example: slip owner vacationing on their vessel.

The standard lease has been modified to "wet storage only". 

Board Authority to set the form of Leases:  

Deed Section:   9.3     Leasing of Units

"An Owner of a Unit will have the right to lease or rent his Unit and the Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto; provided, however, that all leases and rental contracts will be in writing and will require the lessee to abide by all conditions and restrictions placed by the Condominium Documents on the use and occupancy of the Unit, the Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto, as well as the general Common Elements of the Project.  The Board of Directors will have the right to approve the form of all such leases and rental contracts at any time if it elects to do so. Occupancy by a tenant or renter under any such approved form of lease or rental contract is subject to continuing approval of the Board thereunder, which may be removed at any time by the Board for any violiation by any such tenant or renter of the Rules and Regulatins of the Association."

View this File:  Standard Ashley Lease Agreement