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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

January - March 2016 Newsletter

April-July 2016 Newsletter

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:

2016 Board Members:

Based on our 3rd try (May 2016) at obtaining a voting member quorum, your current 2016 Board members are Brian Swan-President, Stuart Reeves, Rick Cone, Bret Johnson and Kevin O'Donnell. 

We thank all members that participated in this board election.



As of 7-31-16, our cash and cash equivalents are $974,315.00. This cash balance includes the amount collected to date for our dredging assessment.  

Our accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees and our January 2016 special dredging assessment are:

$ 25,700       0-30-day category

$ 300            31-60-day category

$ 1,400         61-90-day category

$  71,300      greater than 90 days category, and in collection or preliminary collection action.

While we have seen a decline in our greater-than-90-day category, this category mostly reflects those slip owners who have yet to pay their January 2016 special dredging assessment.

Reminder: IAW our Master Deed, all legal costs associated with collecting delinquent regime accounts are added to that slip owners’ account.


Your Board is pleased to announce that after almost 6 years, we have prevailed in both the  litigation and the appeals process regarding the “perpetual right to manage the Harborage at Ashley Marina”.  Your Board is evaluating our next steps.

Dredging update:

Our dredging application is currently being reviewed by OCRM staff and we are currently fielding their questions.  As of this date there are no major obstacles, and we are still actively looking for a convenient/cost-effective disposal site.  If you are aware of any potential sites, please notify our marina manager or your Board.

Marina improvements:

The pressure washing of all our docks is almost complete.

Parking lot area:

Our contractor was unable to supply us with appropriate rock/slag before the busy boating season commenced, so this project will be completed in late 2016.


As discussed at our December 15 Annual Meeting and reiterated in both our December 2015 and January 2016 newsletters, your Board has directed our marina manager to continue to enforce Rules and Regulations numbers 3 and 4, by notifying slip and vessel owners in writing to clean up and ensure all vessels are seaworthy. To date, approximately 20 of our worst offending vessels have been notified.  These Rules and Regulations are:

3. VESSEL REQUIREMENTS. All vessels shall: (i) be fully equipped and operable for operation on the sea in accordance with the standards imposed by the U.S. Coast Guard (except during a period of temporary repairs); and (ii) comply with all licensing and registration requirements. Each vessel (including tenders, dinghies and personal watercraft) shall be registered with the Association on a fully completed form provided by the Association prior to moorage. All vessels shall present to association Manager, proof of insurance meeting association requirements and association supplied lease. All accepted forms are available on the Regime web site ( or at the dock house during normal hours of operation. No other leases or information forms will be accepted. Failure to comply will result in fines and or fees being assed to the Slip owner of the occupied slip. Fees will be accessed for each infraction in the amount of but not limited to $100.00 per each 30 day period of violation after written notice of 15 days to comply. Boat Lifts and Jet Ski floating docks are not permitted in the Marina. Page 2

 4. VESSEL CONDITION: All vessels must be maintained in working order and in good operational condition. Vessels shall be kept clean and slightly. The Association manager shall have the right to have any un-kept, unsightly vessels repaired and/or cleaned (including corrosion), at the slip owners’ expense.

Vessels that are observed putting to sea on a normal/routine basis will be considered to be in seaworthy condition. However, those vessels that never/seldom leave the marina can easily become unsightly, in-operational and/or non-seaworthy. We hope that everyone sees the importance of all vessels being seaworthy with working bilge pumps and engines. This policy is for the protection not only of the facilities but to all vessels in the marina. Additionally, our marina insurance carrier demands that not only our marina facility but the vessels stored at the marina be maintain in a clean, safe and operable condition. An inoperable vessel that cannot put to sea is a liability not only to the marina as a whole but to regime members individually. In the event of an emergency a vessel needs to be moved, it cannot happen if the boat does not run. In the very near future, marina staff will start with vessels that have not left the marina in years, asking for operational proof that they have working bilge pumps and engines. Vessels found in a non-seaworthy state will be given 30 days to correct the issues or vacate the Marina.